The World is Coming to Bethlehem – Are You In the Know?

Did you know…

Historic Moravian Bethlehem, our National Historic Landmark District, preserves some of the most important structures and sites relating to the Moravians in the New World and is significant as an outstanding example of Moravian architecture and town planning. This district comprises 14.7 acres of the original 18th-century Moravian settlement, which served as the center of Moravian activities in America. Included in this district are buildings that many of us have come to know and love:

  • 1741 Gemeinhaus, also an individual National Historic Landmark
  • 1744-1772 Single Sisters’ House
  • 1746 Bell House
  • 1751 Old Chapel
  • 1768 Widows’ House
  • 1803-1806 Central Moravian Church
  • God’s Acre Cemetery
  • 1761 Tannery
  • 1762 Waterworks, also an individual National Historic Landmark
  • and the archeological remains of the pottery, dye house, oil mill, tawery, and butchery

These sites are owned or managed by the Bethlehem Area Moravians, Central Moravian Church, Moravian College, City of Bethlehem, and Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites. There are only 23 World Heritage Sites in the United States. Independence Hall in Philadelphia is the only site in Pennsylvania. There are just over 1,080 World Heritage sites in the entire world, such as the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt. Placement on the World Heritage List will bring national and international recognition and prestige, a sense of place and bragging rights for our residents, and an increase in tourism. It is the highest recognition a site such as this can get in the world, and something to be proud of!

To learn more about our amazing historic district stop by the Historic Bethlehem Visitor Center, located at 505 Main Street, or visit