Bethlehem makes Forbes’ top 25 best places to retire

The former steel town is one of 25 cities on Forbes’ list of the best places to retire in the U.S.

Forbes collected information on 550 communities in all 50 states to pick towns and cities with the best retirement value. That includes housing costs and taxes, access to medical care and quality of life indicators.

Bethlehem was one of nine cities listed with a median home price below $160,000. The median home price for Bethlehem is $152,000, according to the data Forbes collected. The national median home price is $228,400.

Forbes also said it looked at “walkability” in its community assessments, meaning the ability to shop and do errands while walking, thus encouraging an active retirement. The assessments found very few U.S. cities are walkable, aside from dangerous big cities, but judged Bethlehem to be at least somewhat walkable.

Bethlehem also made the ranks because it’s a college town.

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