Are you tired of status quo? Are you ready to change the way you do business? Are you ready to increase your revenue and train your staff? Is it time to change careers or just update your resume? Caroltalks is devoted to helping people reach their professional and personal goals.

Carol has spent a lifetime helping people. She enjoys more than anything seeing others succeed. Coaching is about helping people improve their lives, whether it’s a career change, taking their business to a new level or even enhancing their current career path. Carol started her business teaching entrepreneurs/speakers how to run a successful speaking business. Now her business has evolved into much more, she now coaches small businesses ready to take the next step and non-profits looking to grow their reputation and funding.

The CarolTalks Team are people-focused professionals who believe in uncovering a superior performance. We create partnerships with our clients because we believe that coaching and training are much more than a task, it’s a life changing experience. Our preparation and discovery work, experiential and participant driven training style enhances the results of our projects. Their “RESULTS ONLY” philosophy takes individuals and organizations to award-winning success.

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